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Visit to a Petting Farm
Thursday 20 February 2020

Children enjoyed a fun visit to a Petting farm in Vasant Vihar on Thursday 20th February 2020. They got excited watching cats, rabbits, ducks, rabbits and Emus. They had a great time on the rides, played fun games and enjoyed the picnic meal.

Little Astronauts at Little Pearls
Friday 31 Jan 2020

Little Astronauts was a celebration of the theme with a day full of activities like making glitter dough, a project about day and night, toss the moon rocks, solar system scramble, catch a star and many more! We had children dressed up as the sun, rockets, stars, astronauts and even an alien! Was a fun learning experience for them.

Guru Nanak Jayanti -Langar
Monday 11 Nov 2019

On the occasion of Guru nanak jayanti, to inculcate the value of service amongst children Little Pearls organized Langar for all the children. It was a great pleasure to see little children serving their friends and peers and all of them enjoyed the halwa prasad.

Trick or Treat at Little Pearls
Thursday 31 Oct 2019

Halloween was a super fun day, the children dressed up as pumpkins, ghosts, witches and devils. They enjoyed their Halloween goodies and playing games, tapping their foot to some halloween music. Thank you parents for putting in lots of effort and creativity.

Green Diwali Campaign
Thursday 24 Oct 2019

Children of Little Pearls took an initiative to educate all for a smoke free and a noise free diwali. They went for a green Diwali campaign during the Diwali week and made posters promoting a sound free and pollution free Diwali ! They shouted slogans of “say no to fire crackers” and “let us keep our air clean” throughout cyber city. This motivated a lot of people who also joined hands with the little ones in this noble campaign.

Grandparents Day
Tuesday 11th Sep 2019

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love. To celebrate this special bond Little Pearls Cyber City celebrated Grandparents Day on Wednesday 11th September 2019. The theme for this special day was Hawaiian and all our grandparents kept the spirit of the theme and dressed accordingly. They were welcomed with floral garlands by their grandchildren. The grandparents enjoyed creative activities with their grandchildren. The children put up aan amazing perfromance for their special guests and also sang their favourite rhymes and songs. The show stopper was the foot tapping dance by the ever energetic grandparents. As a special gesture tulsi saplings planted by the chiildren were given to the grandparents as souvenirs. It was a beautiful afternoon to remember.

Peek into the Ocean
Tuesday 27th Aug 2019

As part of the ongoing theme on Water and Aquatic Animals, Little Pearls organized Peek into the Ocean. Prenursery Children performed water related experiments and spoke about them. Children enjoyed the game of feeding hungry shark and fishing. They also learnt about water animals.

Janamashtami Celebration
Friday 23rd August 2019

Janamashtami Celebration took place at Little Pearls Cyber City with lot of zeal and enthusiasm on Friday 23rd August 2019. Children came dressed as little Krishnas and Radhas and performed on choti choti gaiya and govind bolo hari gopal bolo. The Pre Nursery Children took the stage with great confidence and enacted the story of Krishna and the Kalia Naag. The parents thoroughly enjoyed their children performing on stage.

Mother’s Day Celebration
Friday 10th May 2019

Who needs a super hero when you have a mom? To celebrate and honour the spirit of Motherhood, Little Pearls celebrated Mothers Day on Friday 10th May 2019 with great pomp and show. The theme for the day was Super heros where the mothers and children dressed in the theme. The day began with a beautiful performance by the preschool children for all the mothers. The infants and their moms enjoyed the parachute time and danced to action songs. The preschool and toddler children and mothers put up fun Ramp walk as they took the stage with confidence. All mothers participated in all the activities and games planned for them.

Mock Fire Drill
Friday 12th April 2019

A Mock Fire Drill was conducted by DLF at Little Pearls Early Learning Centre, Cyber City on Friday 12th April 2019. All the staff, support staff and children took part in the same. The staff was trained on how to use the fire extinguishers, help the children out in case fire breaks in the premises and what safety steps to follow during a fire emergency.